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Explore the Boxes... What ya get 

You will always get a piece of jewelry in your preferred category of metal, a handbag or small accessory, and what I like to call the "thrilling 3rd" item.  Because we all know that good things come in threes (well, they certainly do in this case) and I wanted an excuse to use "thrilling" and "third" in the same sentence.

catrina fall latte fixed.jpg

The Jewelry

In every box, you will receive at least one piece of jewelry that will seamlessly incorporate into your jewelry wardrobe. And if you didn't already have a jewelry wardrobe, then it's time to start one.


The Handbag

I will often select a bag for the box: a great clutch, carry all, pouch, tote or crossbody. I love them all... And you'll love building your bag "library"! Coordinating your bag with your outfit is a great way to complete your look.

anay - fall.jpg

The Thrilling 3rd Item

Curating the box is like fitting together pieces of a puzzle. A great pair of shades; hair bands you can wear on your wrist like a bracelet; cozy scarves and hats as the seasons permit; key chains and bag tags so you look like you didn't miss a thing when completing your look.


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